In 2015, I created Beast at Play Sport to help people like me get out of their minds and tapped into their personal fight. My fitness journey found me right in time, and the life lessons it has instilled in me honestly change the trajectory of my life.
In 2013, I worked behind the scenes on a weight-loss show and had the opportunity to witness 13 amazing women change their mindsets around health, fitness, and fight.  Their change inspired me and I began to train regularly with the cast. It was then when I understood my Cheer & Track coaches’ secret disappointment in my efforts to do better. 
I grew up a lazy athlete. I cheered for all the shallow reasons so when it came time to work hardER I thought I had given my best, AND was cute doing it! I ran track simply because it was required in order to cheer, so I would do just enough to get by. That mindset would be prevalent in my day-to-day living as well. I would short-cut or quit anything that didn’t bring me instant satisfaction or garnish reward. As a scholar, I was spoiled by validation and each year removed from my comfort zone subconsciously weighed on my confidence and eventually stifled my progression.
While training, on the other hand, my FIGHT clicked! The more I simply showed up for sessions, the more I would follow through in my day-to day. Fitness taught me to show up for ME! This isn’t for THEM: coaches, bosses, parents, spouses, friends, children, etc. THIS IS FOR YOU! We give countless hours to the many variables of our lives and aren’t even cognizant of self-care. This lifestyle is for my quality of life, the maintenance of my high school abs, and my desire to FLY!
Using my production background and fitness credentials I have created a multi-platform fitness company to help you navigate adopting and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle! Beast at Play Sport promises to continue creating original fitness content, events, and programs to help you find your reasons to COME PLAY WITH A BEAST!
Peace & Positivity,
Jackie B.