BAPS Bawdy Builder Kit

Beast At Play Sport

BAPS Weight Training Kit's sleek and functional design are a gym bag's must have. This set includes:

(1) BARBELL PAD: Made from high quality and high density foam designed to protect your hips, neck, and shoulders. This product is designed to fit any type of barbell or smith machine. Add a little comfort to all your favorite lower body workouts including hip thrusts, squats, lunges, and more.

(2) ANKLE STRAPS: Made from ultra-comfortable nylon padding with heavy duty velcro our 2-inch strap adjusts seamlessly to your ankle size. Connect to any cable machine and use for kickbacks, leg raises, hip abductions, and more.

(1) RESISTANCE BAND: Made from high quality, durable, cotton-polyester, elastic fabric that will not slip during your workout. Use our 15-inch resistance band to activate your glutei and added intensity to your workout.

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